Traveling is a positive and powerful experience. The people you meet, the diversity in cultures, the breathtaking views, and the priceless memories all make it an adventure.

This travel guide aims to give you inspiration and information for traveling to different regions in Canada. Our goal is to provide you with a stress-free and simple traveling experience that you will never forget.

We regularly update our page with details of accommodation, resource materials, budget information, and useful links to other trustworthy sites.

First of all, here are basic facts you need to know about Canada:

Fast Facts

The capital of Canada is Ottawa, in Ontario. The main languages spoken are French and English. Canada’s currency is known as the Canadian dollar.

Diverse Landscapes

By geographical area, Canada is the second-largest in the entire world! It is made up of three territories and ten provinces. It has diverse landscapes: in the southeast is the area of Great Lakes, in the north the tundra of the Arctic, the west has the Rocky Mountains, and the north has multiple prairies.


Winter begins in November and ends in April. From May until September, warm weather is prevalent which makes it the perfect hiking weather. It frequently rains in the west, east, and northern Canada all year. The weather may vary drastically in the different regions of Canada. The west may be very hot and sticky while the east is below zero degrees. For travelers, it is recommended that you always pack layered clothing.

The Optimal Tourist Season

The best time for tourism in Canada is all the time! You should plan your visit according to the activities you would love to do the most and the most convenient season for you. All seasons have their appeal.

Cash & Credit Cards

Always carry credit cards, bank cards, and money as you travel. Although ATMs are located in major cities and towns, they may not be found in some remote areas.

Travel Details

You can only travel to Canada by land through the United States. From every other country in the world, you must take a ship, a train, or a flight to come into Canada.

Canada is a very large country. If you would love to explore the different regions, the quickest way is to take a flight from one region to the other. Other travel options include driving or taking a bus or a train.

Accommodation Details

Here are some options for accommodation available:

  • Cabins or Camping
  • B&B’s
  • Hostels
  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Resorts


There are many places in Canada to get food. You may choose to make your own food after shopping in supermarkets or visiting the local market. There are stores for fast food options, street food stands, cafes, and restaurants for fine dining. The cuisine is as diverse as the country: authentic and delicious.