Four Benefits to Enjoy from a Gap Year before Enrolling in College

A gap year is a time off school in between when you finish high school and enroll in college. Gap years are taken pretty seriously in certain countries. There are numerous benefits for students to observe a gap year before they enroll in college. Gap years do not just make you better in school; they will also make you a well-rounded person.

Usually, after high school, students embark on a trip for their gap year with backpacks and tablets they need for college.

Here is an interesting video where Casper talks about why everyone should take a gap year:

You Become a Better Student

People who usually travel or take a gap year before college have a better academic performance when they enroll in college. There are several reasons for this. However, the most notable is that a gap year exposes you to the outside world and motivates you to be more focused and studious in school.

A gap year gives you a front-row seat to see how the world works. Furthermore, it will help you to appreciate the value of formal education better. Finally, a gap year aids young people to realize that education doesn’t just enhance their marketability but makes them have more empathy to the plight of others.

Gives you Time for Self-Reflection


Taking time off school to reflect on yourself will give you the chance to strengthen your emotional intelligence. and experience the world will afford you the time to ponder on what your life passion can be and the reason you’re getting an education. Many young people are oblivious to what they want to do with their life, and they usually remain that way until it’s too late.

However, they are stuck in the school system and don’t want their education to waste. So they decide to either get further education in another college degree or pursue the career opportunities affiliated to the degree they are currently studying for.

When comparing these two categories of people, you can conclude that it’s costing the indecisive ones more and not just the financial aspect of getting further degrees. It costs them twice the time they could have used to figure out what their life passion is. On the other hand, the decisive ones (those that went through gap years) go into college with a clear direction of what they want to achieve or do with their lives.

Many students who don’t go for gap years may accumulate student loans without any clear trajectory towards their career of choice. Unfortunately, this may make them end up in a career that’s far from enriching.

The Opportunity to Network and Meet with New Individuals

A friendship forged outside the four walls of a school environment usually lasts for a lifetime. Unfortunately, some friendships forged in school usually die a natural death shortly after graduation. The reason is friendships in school are more out of circumstances than out of choice.

Observing a gap year before you enroll in college allows you to make friends out of choice instead of out of circumstance. For instance, you may make friends with certain people who share your life’s passion, and such friendship is bound to be durable.

Also, making friends during your gap year can give you connections before college, during your time there, and after you graduate. Long-lasting friendships are not easy to come by, and they can go beyond the social aspect of life.

Some friends make excellent business contacts, and this can be to your advantage in the future. It also enables you to expand your social and professional circle while you’re having fun at the same time.

You Get to Explore the Outside World

Many people haven’t had the chance to explore the world because soon after they get their degree, they begin their careers. Having a gap year before college allows you to explore and experience the world.

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