25 Under 25

Being young, free and adventurous is excellent, especially if you are visiting under 25 years-old and traveling to Sunset Country. The destination offers you a list of never-ending adventures at your fingertips. Here are some examples that you should include in your bucket list:

  • Fly into sunset country with a bush plane
  • Visit provincial wilderness parks
  • Attend an outdoor concert
  • Go to a backcountry bannock
  • Drive on a road of ice
  • Go camping in Boreal
  • Experience the magic of the lights of the north
  • Visit the tiniest church in the world in Emo
  • Feast on Walleye Cheeks
  • Have a shore lunch picnic
  • Catch a ginormous trophy fish
  • Rent a cozy yurt
  • Go camping in winter
  • Go birding
  • Spot wildlife
  • Go on a wine tour
  • Explore a spruce bog
  • Go wild berry picking
  • Surf, canoe, or kayak to Pickle Lake
  • Take part in a pow wow
  • Hunt deer
  • Explore old caves for ancient Pictographs
  • Chase waterfalls
  • Attend a Norseman festival
  • Visit an observatory

Know More About Sunset Country in Ontario

If you are interested in more details about Ontario’s Sunset Country, don’t hesitate to check out their website.

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