All You Need to Know About Traveling to Northern Ontario Via Car

Traveling to Northern Ontario via car is usually a smooth process. Rarely, visitors who are unprepared or unknowledgeable about the requirements and regulations are fined and face extra inspections. We made a list of the things you must know before your trip.

COVID-19 Restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary for more restrictions to be imposed at the border—everyone who is not a Canadian needs to have an important reason for travel. Valid reasons include health needs, work, study, or economic services.

Check the wait times at the border before you travel. It gives you an estimate of the time you will arrive and the estimation of how long you will spend there.

Valid Identification Documents

Some checkpoints will ask for your travel documents and ask you questions about your reason for travel. You may give a declaration verbally about huge sums of cash, firearms, and other limited items. If you are carrying your pet along, it needs its travel documents too.

Do Not Wrap Gifts

The officers may need to inspect your bags, so leave gifts unwrapped. This will help you avoid any inconveniences and waste of having to unwrap the gift.

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