Are Weed Tours the New Wine Tours in Canada?

From factory and plantation weed tours to tasting and trying a variety of CBD products, it appears that the new breakthrough has a bright future.

According to Jennifer Mason, weed tours might be the next big thing in the tourism industry. She created the New Heights Cannabis Tourism Summit to promote cannabis and CBD tourism. The virtual event, its third iteration, took place on October 25, 2021, and gathered representatives from the tourism and cannabis industries. Now people from all over the world buy exhale delta 8.

Participants received education and information on how to capitalize on the promising cannabis tourism industry. There were dialogues on how it will help post-pandemic recovery in the Canadian tourism industry.

Canada and Cannabis

Mason explained that Canada is in a good position for the budding industry since cannabis is legal on a federal level. However, there are plenty of international opportunities at the same time. Among others, she cited how Jamaica, the Netherlands, Colorado, and California all offer cannabis and CBD tourism experiences.

While cannabis acceptance still has a long way to go, it is worth remembering that the tides appear to be changing. The summit has helped emphasize this point. Mason cites that Ottawa is paving the way for further decriminalization of cannabis. She said that this will give other countries a blueprint of sorts. This might be the push that they need to start rethinking their position on cannabis.

What Cannabis Tourism Is

But what exactly does cannabis tourism entail? Mason expounds that it involves a wide range of activities. It covers everything from buying a pre-roll and going for a walk to staycations in marijuana-friendly accommodation options. We cannot forget about exciting activities, including cannabis farm tours, either. There are endless opportunities to partake in this thrilling sector, both as a business owner and a consumer.

Still in the Early Stages

Mason explains that the cannabis tourism industry in Canada is still new. The people interested in it need to be patient in terms of challenges regarding regulations. However, she remains convinced about the great prospects in the industry. What makes it especially alluring is the fact that cannabis remains illegal in most places across the globe.

The Great White North already offers unique tourist destinations and experiences as it is. When tourists can take advantage of the availability of cannabis, they are in for a win-win situation. This is a winning combination that will surely satisfy visitors from all walks of life.

Key Takeaway

Mason does not believe that the Canadian cannabis tourism sector is an outlier. Introducing something new and unique can bring the whole industry back on its feet. She is a strong believer in business partnerships. By working with brands with the same target audience, higher quality products and services are guaranteed. According to her, such collaboration is going to propel the whole tourism industry forward.

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