The Authentic Culture From Canada’s Indigenous Groups

Debajehmujig Theater In Manitoulin Island

The theater of Debajehmujig is located on the largest island that is surrounded by freshwater in the world. It offers music, art, traditional teachings, and so much more!

Travel to Manitoulin by heading to Lake Heron. Firstly, you must pass through Manitowaning, via the Territory of Wiikwemkoong. Before you reach the bay and lighthouse, you will find Debajehmujig theater.

The theater is unique. It is owned by indigenous Canadians. It is one of the oldest theaters in Northern America. It is open to all creatives, theater lovers, and travelers. It features indigenous artists, and it is nationally recognized.

The theater can accommodate 125 people at a time. It has a gallery for art, sound studios, a workshop, green room, library, and gift shop.

The indigenous owners of Debajehmujig theater are fully in charge of all its operations. They chose to graciously showcase their indigenous teachings for the whole world to see, learn from, and appreciate.

The indigenous artists are multidisciplinary and very fluid: an actor may choose to record a podcast, and an author may also display photography. The theater promotes their work and supports their art in shows and displays that are unique and beautiful.

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