The Heritage Site of Pimachiowin Aki

The Pimachiowin Aki sites are remote forest lands. There are natural phenomena, plants, and animals to explore. There is constant activity in the forest, and it is the home of the Anishinaabe indigenous people who live, eat, and depend on the forest.

Pimachiowin Aki

Pimachiowin Aki means “this land provides life.” It is the only Canadian heritage site that boasts of cultural and natural heritage values. It is naturally beautiful, and its biological and ecological diversity is too much to take in in one visit.

The sites also have wetlands, lakes, and rivers. There are tourist attraction parks within the land. The land measures 2,904,000 hectares with Poplar, Berens, Pigeon, and Bloodvein rivers as well as large regions of wilderness and wildlife.

A Visit To Pimachiowin Aki

You can travel to the region via a canoe for the full traditional experience. This mode of travel allows you to enjoy the wilderness and be a part of the ecosystem. The Cochenour and Red Lake towns are closely situated and are prime spots to explore. There are resorts, vacation packages available for visitors.

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