The Lake Lodge in Anishinabi

The lake lodge beside Anishinabi Lake is a fly-in eco-lodge that balances comfort with the adventurous wilderness experience.

This four-season lodge offers outdoor experiences, fishing adventures, and many other activities. In the fall, summer, or spring seasons, your trip begins at the resort in Northern Lights, at the airbase in Clark’s Resort. A floatplane takes you on a sweet 15-minute scenic ride to the lake in Anishinabi.

A heart-shaped private island will eagerly welcome you. The island is surrounded by water that is so clear that you can see as deep as 35 feet into it, artistic ledges, and rugged rock cliffs. You simply cannot come without a camera!

At the lodge, you will receive a warm greeting from the employees. They will guide you on how to operate the boats, give you sightseeing guides, and answer any questions and offer recommendations. You will be able to visit caves, play along the beach, explore trails on the main island, go kayaking or paddling on our paddle boats, and so much more. After your long day, you may relax in a sauna and then enjoy a bonfire in any one of the several pits for bonfires we have available.

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