Touring The Region of Sault of Saint Marie

The traditional name of Sault of Saint Marie is Baawaating. It is also known as the region of rapids. The land is harmonious, and its views are one of a kind.

You can travel along the region of Algoma or to the Bay of Thunder. There are the remains of old mountains and cliff sides to explore. The largest lake of freshwater is Lake Superior. It is a historical site and a geographical wonder, with shores that contain ancient stones.

The River of Chippewa is a prime kayaking location. It leads directly into Lake Superior. Agawa Pictographs are iconic historic sites displaying indigenous art.

The North Shore

The North Shore is along Lake Superior. It exudes natural beauty, and it provides a safe haven for sailors, power boaters, sportsmen, and water adventure seekers. You can cruise with your throttle open and set your sails along Lake Superior.

Thunder Bay

Large commercial centers are located in Thunder Bay. It is the best place for boat maintenance and boat rentals, fuel stations, amenities, supposing, and dining. It has museums, parks, and other various tourist attractions, and it gives you a break from the water.

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