Travel Options For A Vacation To Northern Ontario

The North of Ontario is the perfect location for outdoor adventures all year. There are hiking, snowmobiling, kayaking, fishing opportunities, and many more! There are lots of travel modalities you can use depending on your location of origin.

Here are some of the common travel options available:

  • Driving a truck
  • Car
  • RV
  • Motorcycle

Suppose you are from the United States. In that case, driving is a great option for you to enjoy Northern Ontario’s scenic views. There are numerous places you can cross the border into Canada from the US. The borders are always open, every day of the year.

Here are a few routes:

Arriving From Minnesota

You will see a bridge at the final portion of freeway MN 72. The bridge takes you to the Rainy River city and then to Highway 11 which is in Ontario.

Arriving From Michigan

Take the I-75 road to the bridge in Sault Ste. Marie. It will take you to Sault Ste. Marie city, and from there, you can choose to explore Lake Superior and Sudbury which are on the east. You may enjoy shopping, fine dining, or having outdoor adventures in the city.

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